How can counseling help me?

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Counseling is much like learning to swim when we find ourselves at the end of a path that leads us in a new direction. Our personal experiences often lead us to a path in which we feel ends abruptly in which our current coping skills are not effective. Counseling is a process of learning to gain coping skills, change prospective, and finding peace and purpose in the process of inner growth. 

I am Lisa Stewart. I have been providing counseling for more than 20 years in Putnam County. It is my hope to provide you a safe place to discuss sensitive issues while remaining objective. I am is here to assist in finding a better understanding and awareness that hopefully leads to an improved quality of life. I provide skills to practice a lifetime leading to mindfulness and healing. I look forward to joining you on your journey. Let me invite you to discuss your journey by calling and setting up an appointment today by phone or through my contact page.

I provide counseling for issues including grief/loss, depression, anxiety, problematic relationships, conflict, job/career difficulties, current/past trauma, eating disorders or other stress of daily life.Thanks for visiting my site and I hope to hear from you soon. Peace be with you!